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The Lord of the Rings Online Mines of Moria (Expansion) introduces a whole new world of MMORPG that allows for new advancement into legendary weapons of game play.

Overall Score 8.0

Gameplay                                                                                7.0

Opens at the Dwarven capital of Khazad-dum.  Players will try to establish Dwarven supremacy under Middle-Earth.  Players join a group of Dwarves and enter an expedition to break past the Hollin Gate.  To conquer creatures and gain entry to Moria; a legendary weapon must be returned.  It’s the items (Including the weapons) that is a part of this game.  In summary, legendary weapons are important to the game.  Players will search for ingredients to start, and take these ingredients to the Forge Master.  The Forge Master identifies and combine the ingredients into a legendary weapon.  The weapons are used to level alongside your character and gaining experience.  These experience can be put into legacies to improve characteristics.  The weapons can also determine the types of quests the player will be introduced into play.  The legendary items will be treated more as companion than the usual loot.  This expansion introduces new classes; the Warden and Runekeeper.  The warden acts as a medium armor tank and the Runekeeper is more versatile and has vast abilities in magic.  The game settings are: the place of the Dwarves, the Orcish Lands, and the Shadowy Abyss.  This game focuses more on legendary items and the abilities that can differentiate the weapons.

Sound                9.5

The music and the sound is beautiful.  The sound and music is amazing with it’s theatrical opening to the sound of the voices of the characters in the game.

Graphic                       9.0

The environment is astounding.  The graphics are similar to World of Warcraft (WOW).  The surrounding and the land is perceived to be large and immense giving the players a sense of a huge world to travel and explore.  The carvings of the Dwarven faces can be seen on rocks and shows the detail of the landscape.

Replayability            7.0

Players will have to learn how to play the game.  Therefore the gameplay is not for beginners, but as you learn how to play.  It becomes enjoyable.This game can be played many times because long hours are required to level up, and weapons forged and reforged.